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Hi! I'm Sonika Bahadur

In my career, I've played different teaching roles to help students achieve their learning goals. I come from a very simple family. In order to secure a job, I struggled a lot to learn English, that too, by myself. I have 7+ years of IELTS teaching experience and I have used the same, in the creation of these courses. In your pursuit of IELTS Speaking Classes near me, this is the solution for you.

IELTS Speaking Coaching
Revolutionize IELTS teaching

I'm on a mission to help IELTS aspirants get the best of scores, using a focused and sytematic approach. I've helpedaspirants realize their true potential using time-tested methods.

IELTS Speaking Classes Online
IELTS Speaking coach

I've put together years of my experience, into designing courses which are easy to follow and help achieve the best band score

How to Get 7 Band in IELTS Speaking
Grow Together Hub

I founded this community in the year 2022 to help IELTS aspirants achieve excellence and realize their dreams. The community is growing fast.

Milestones to succeed

Learn idea generation techniques

Get to know the techniques of generating ideas for different types of questions from IELTS Speaking Classes Online and expand them to the required length. This is the foundation of your answers. Learning these techniques alone will make you confident enough for the exam.

IELTS General Speaking Practice Test
IELTS Speaking Sample Answers

Hone skills

Developing essential skills helps you be at ease, reduce mistakes and deliver the best performance in the exam. Sill development takes time and it is advised to start preparation well in time to develop skills optimally. 

Deliver answers confidently

Learn the techniques and strategies to weave your ideas in a powerful answer that can fetch you good scores. By this time, you develop enough confidence that you enthusiastically answer any question that you come across.

IELTS Speaking Classes near Me

Choose courses as per your need

We have curated different courses to suit the different needs of IELTS aspirants. Choose the one that suits you and get ahead on your journey. We'll prepare you thoroughly for the IELTS Speaking Mock Test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much times do I need to practice?

It totally depends on your efforts. Many of my students have got success in jut one month of preparation. For a complete beginner, it generally takes three months to get better at speaking and develop the required level of skills.

What if I have any questions or doubts regarding the course?

You can reach out to me f you have any query. When you join my courses, I conduct regular sessions to answer your questions. Also, I conduct sessions on YouTube and Facebook as well.

How can I improve my skills?

Skill development takes time. However, if you are a part of my community, I regularly post content to develop your skills. Also, I recommend you to subscribe my YouTube channel and watch my videos regularly, for skill development.

I am hesitant practicing in a group. Can you offer one to one practice sessions?

Group classes have many benefits for you. You get variety of ideas from different people. You gain confidence to speak in front of other people. You can learn from others mistakes. This,eventually, will help you speak confidently in the actual exam.

Do you offer help in other parts of IELTS exam-reading, writing and listening?

I have purposely chosen speaking section because most of the aspirants get stuck in speaking. Many aspects of speaking are similar to that of writing section- idea generation, skills development etc. 

What if the course is too difficult to follow?

I believe in simplifying things. All my videos and all my live sessions are designed in such a way that a person with limited vocabulary and grammar knowledge can also understand easily. Moreover, all the videos are short and crisp to give you exact information that you need.

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I ask for IELTS preparation every time, but the lessons progress efficiently, so I can practice about twice. In addition, I am very happy because I am praised for the points that have improved. I often don't notice it myself, but I'm glad that I'm improving little by little. He seems to be a popular teacher, so it's hard to get a reservation, but I definitely want to take his lesson when it fits my schedule

Hiro Matsuda

. I am very happy because you praise me every time. Her advice is very accurate, easy to understand, and I think she is an experienced teacher. I am able to see my speaking performance improve and I don't make too many mistakes also. I will continue to take lessons from this teacher.

Shizu Abe

I would like to ask you to prepare for the IELTS test. I would be very grateful if you could give me some advice on what I did well, what I could improve on, and how to study. I think the best part is that you can take a lot of time to talk. While many teachers spend a lot of time explaining, this teacher takes time to talk and gives immediate feedback, so it's a very meaningful class.

Mayu Kitahara

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